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1 piece of XL gold GLAZE stampers
1 piece plastic card scrapper (1 pvc card)


size: 2.8cm diameter

squishy soft and MEDIUM sticky

XL cap size: 2.8cm diameter
                     4.0cm height

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Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
GLAZE PINK stamper - hegyi magdolna - 14/2/2018
Nagyon szuper termék, felveszi mintát. Ügyintézés kimagasló. Jövök mégegyszer vásárolni. Mondom másnak is jöjjenek hozzád venni.

5 product stars
Awesome Stampers - April Stephens - 20/2/2016
I just got this stamper tried it out a few times already and it's awesome. You don't need to prime it.. It picks up great from right out of the package. I recommend every one to get this stamper.. Its just that good. It's also sticky and squishy which is always good. Thank you for this great product. I will purchase again..

5 product stars
Fantastic - Deserves Its Reputation - SamanthaF63 - 3/10/2016
I had been using the clear stampers because I really liked being able to place my design exactly where I wanted it and I got a good image. But so many nail artists were recommending this one, and I was sure I ordered the wrong thing because it looked nice and smaller for my shorter nails even though it said XL. I finally bit the bullet and ordered it, and wow! This does the best stamping ever! It picks up everything, even on those detailed Creative and Moyra plates with loads of fine lines and details! I'm coming back for more!

5 product stars
Awesome - Liz - 19/2/2016
This stamper is awesome quality. I didn't have to to anything to this stamper beside wash it with soap to get the oils off and let it dry. It picks up small details and I love the shimmer!It is sticky and fits the curve of my nails perfectly with no problem. Would buy again!

5 product stars
Anything from fab is amazing! - Shannon Wurst - 2/7/2017
These stampers are perfect right out of the package! I also own the original jumbo. I'm so obsessed with them. The customer service is outstanding as well!

5 product stars
Best. Stamper. Ever. - Heidi Kay - 3/6/2016
This is my favorite stamper bar none. I used to love her pink sticky but this one is even better. Never needs priming, I occasionally clean it but don't have to. It's also amazing for stamps with large open areas but I use it for everything, every time. Love it!!!

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