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5 product stars
Lo Maximoooo - Valentina Ahumada - 7/7/2015
Lo mejor en estampadores, super amable Johanne, muchas gracias por todo el servicio prestado, recomendadisimo al 100%, desde Filipinas para el mundo, estoy en Colombia y el servicio es super transparente, este estampador recoge totalmente la imagen y todo el esmalte, queda super clara... lo mejor.

5 product stars
I love these stamper set - Almi - 1/5/2017
I love love love these cute little stamper. They work great. also you have them in beautiful colors. Thank you.

5 product stars
Great Stamper Set - Mithila Kanugo - 27/3/2015
These stampers are excellent. They are like a refined marshmalllow stype stamper, very squishy and sticky to the touch. Images can be picked up by pressing down or rolling (both ways work) You don't need to put any effort at all. Another thing I love about these stampers is the holder. It's a cap and when placed on a table, the stamping head faces you. Perfect for decal making! No need to remove the stamping head from the holder. These should work great without priming most of the time.However, when the image pickup is not too good, the magic eraser works wonders. I just rubbed my stamper head on it a couple of times and it worked like a charm! The magic eraser is wayyy better than using a file to buff or acetone to clean the stamping head. I always use scotch tape to clean the stamping heads anyway.

5 product stars
I need help - basma - 28/4/2015
Hello I am living in UAE how can I order this and how many days it will take to reach and what abt shipping process plzz inform me how much it will cost to UAE i m waiting for your reply.thank you

5 product stars
LA PERFECCION EN STAMPERS - veronica figueroa - 23/5/2015
llevaba tiempo buscando un estampador que efectivamente obtuviera las imágenes de los platos, algunos los logran pero son demasiados rígidos y duros como para estampar una uña larga. buscando primero compre otra marca que es mas grande y funciona casi a la perfección... luego llegó faburnail y es excepcional recoge todas las imágenes sin problemas independiente del tipo de esmalte que se use (no es necesario que sea un esmalte especial) y el tamaño es perfecto fácil de manipular y abarca toda la uña. La ser muy flexible es fácil de estampar sobretodo en uñas curvas. es perfecto!!! 100% recomendable

5 product stars
help - nafas - 5/5/2015
hi.i live in iran.what i can order yout product?.i dont have any cart bank of your country!

5 product stars
Los mejores! - JohanaQ - 16/8/2016
Cualquier stamper de Fab Ur Nail son de lejos los mejores que he comprado: buen tamaño, levantan todos los diseños, lo blando justo y fácil de manejar. Los amo, me sirven para hacer reverse y stampar en uñas largas y curvadas. Simplemente ME FASCINAN. Ah, y Johanne es una excelente vendedora. Hace que uno se sienta seguro en la compra.

5 product stars
Amazing - Shelley S - 30/12/2015
These are my go to stamper. They're just the right amount of sticky and squishy. They pick up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I'm tempted to buy more and hoard them in case they discontinue them. Seriously. I can not recommend these enough.

5 product stars
gold stamper - Nisha - 6/7/2016
hi,iam living in India..hiw can i buy gold xl stamper..and how much time it will take to deliver in India

4 product stars
Fantastic stampers! - bravesdivanails - 30/3/2016
I've been using these for about a week now & I absolutely love em! I'm a fan of non-sticky, firm stampers, so I wasn't sure how I'd like these, but they're fantastic. I don't really find em to be all that "sticky," but they have the perfect amount of "squishy" to em. And they stamp straight outta the package with no priming needed...they pick up everything ! The only reason I knocked off a star was because, to me, they're not really "XL." I consider the Creative Shop & uberchic XL stampers to be just that: XL. But this gold set is phenomenal. Buy em! You won't be disappointed.

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